Crítica del Buenos Aires Herald

CUANDO TE MUERAS DEL TODO. Argentine writer Daniel Dalmaroni’s play is a satire built from a police story that’s more like a divertimento.

In Cuando te mueres del todo (When you finally die out), an abusive husband finds, much to his surprise, that his wife takes too long to die, much longer than would be natural.

Oblivious, blind to this situation, the husband’s lover, his parents, and a psychologist all play Ouija board.

Well directed by Pablo Flores Maini. With: Martín Amuy, Julia Carrón, Alejandro Kersfeld, Florencia Mallagray, Sebastián Sánchez, Aluhe Sosa and Antonella Sturla.

Where & When. At Teatro Colonial, Av. Paseo Colón 413. Tel: 4342-7958 / 1362. Fridays at 9pm. Tickets $30 and $25.